The Lives That Matter



I feel as if I have supported the Black Lives Matter movement before it even had its familiar moniker. I have two brothers with black skin and dreaded hair and I have dated (EVERY single one!) has colorful stories of discrimination and scary run ins with the police. Living in a predominantly black community it would not be hard for me to exist in a bubble and pretend that racism and social issues do not exist but I know better. I see it every day, I feel it and  as a writer I recognize it as something I cannot ignore. 

I don’t write for black people only, I write for all who are willing to read and relate or at least try to understand. These complicated issues effect each and every one of us in this world, country, state, etc. If you are interested in hearing it from the point of view of a middle class black woman with no college degree and pen in hand… I invite you to please view the links below.


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